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DJ Meat5z - 90s R&B Mix

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I’m a sucker for 90’s R&B love songs

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Sunday Night Sex Jam of the Week
October 19, 2014: Adina Howard - Freak Like Me (Slow Remix)

No idea why it took me this long to post this under “Sunday Night Sex Jam”. Just in case some of my followers didn’t know this remix exists… you’re welcome! lol Click here for the original music video.

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Sisqo - Lips
Album: Last Dragon
Year: 2015

Remember Sisqo? That Dru Hill member with silver hair, looking like Kel Mitchell, who sang the "Thong Song" back in the early 2000s? Yes of course you do, that song was etched in the back of our heads. It was either catchy or annoying depends on how you looked at it. 

Anyway, I was browsing through soundcloud the other day when I came across this song, Sometimes I wonder how I find such random music when I’m looking for something totally different. Anyway, this reminds me of his song “Incomplete”.. which in case ya’ll didn’t know, was written by Sam Salter, that song can be listened here.

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Monday Musings: Where has R&B gone?

Back in the 90’s we had a great influx of beautiful soulful singers, the type of artist that could impregnate you with their voice alone.

Babyface, Jodeci, Boys II Men and Mariah Carey are just a few names that instantly spring to mind. The laid back, down tempo beats combined with soul singers and the topic of love and romance. Be it passionate love or breakups, this is a combination that works very well.

Fast forward to the future and this quality of R&B (which is a vague term anyway) is little to none. In the early 2000’s we had some nice records from the likes of Ne-Yo, Bobby Valentino, Lloyd, Omarion and Ray J though this did not seem to stick around too long.

So what happened? My opinion is that it all comes down to how music and the record industry has evolved. Society changes and music reflects society, the topics of the world and the interests people share can affect the music we experience. Look at artists like Ne-Yo and Usher, if you take their earlier albums such as In My Own Words, 8701 and Confessions you get a big dose of romance, heartbreak and lust. Fast forward to their recent hits such as OMG and Champagne Life and the topic has soon moved to living the high life and getting down in “the club”. Where is this club anyway?

Let’s see where R&B goes from here shall we? I mean what would you rather make love to; Babyface - Everytime I Close My Eyes or Nicki Minaj - Anaconda? 

As promised I will be doing a weekday blog from here on out. I hope you enjoyed the first of Mondays Musings, come back tomorrow to see what Tuesday brings.

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Karyn White - Secret Rendezvous
Album: Karyn White
Year: 1989

Happy birthday Ms Karyn White.

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Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood

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