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Notes: 1 | Posted On: Mon Apr 25th, 2011 | Reblog

"I wish that I could take a journey through your mind
And find emotions that you always try to hide babe.."

I Wanna Know | Joe [official music video]
Day 25 - A Song You Could Listen To All Day Without Getting Tired Of

Explanation: I am a huge Joe Thomas fan!! I remember my friend, her family & I went to those drive in movies and watched Don’t Be A Menace and heard the song "All The Things (Your Man Won’t Do)" I instantly became hooked. I could listen to Joe’s songs all day, not only this particular song, but most of his songs!

My 25 Songs 25 Days Song Challenge = completed. 

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"Cotton Candy sweet and low let me see that tootsie roll."

Tootsie Roll | 69 Boyz [official music video]
Day 24 - A Song That You Have Danced To With Your Best Friend

Explanation: This song would constantly play on The Box Music Channel.. lol, who remembers that? Anyway, we tried learning it while at the other friends house. We were pretty awful if you ask me. :) I rather like this then stupid moves/songs like “Teach Me How To Dougie”, “Skanky Leg”, Chicken Noodle Soup”, or “Cat Daddy” etc….

Call me a hater if you must. :)
lol, Just sayin’ 

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P.Y.T | T-Pain & Robin Thicke [click for song]
Day 23 - A Song You Cannot Stand To Listen To

Explanation: I didn’t wanna quote the song, because ya’ll might think I think P.Y.T is a song I can’t listen to. But T-Pain just ruined a classic MJ song, it completely SUCKS! I mean what else is new, I’ve already expressed how T-Pain auto-tune = kills music industry. Click if you dare to listen to T-Pain’s crap rendition. =)

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Day 22 - A Song That Someone Has Sung To You

Explanation: Really? Nobody has really sung a song to me… maybe only jokingly. haha! 

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"If i could tell you in words how i feel
And if i could stop I could make you hear
I would tell you about u and I
A story that could live and never die…"

U & I | Jodeci [click for song]
Day 21 - Your Favorite Song (well, this is my 2nd favorite song)

Explanation: As I said before, I have a favorite song besides this one.. but Im too lazy to rip it from my CD. Besides, don’t want everyone to start liking my favorite song. haha.. just kidding, it’s just that rare. That’s all..

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"Don’t misunderstand me when I try to speak my mind
I’m only saying what’s in my heart."

Cupid | 112 [official music video]
Day 19 - The First Song Alphabetically In Your iPod/iTunes 

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"One good thing about music. When it hits you feel no pain."

Trenchtown Rock | Bob Marley
Day 18 - A Song You Love, But Rarely Listen To

Explanation: My favorite quote, but I guess, I should say songs, with an “s”… I love listening to Bob Marley songs, but lately I haven’t because all the radio stations have been jumbled up.. don’t even talk about CDs, cause my brother stole them. lol, Oh well, at least I downloaded 50 of his songs a couple years back, that’ll keep me satisfied. lol 

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"Girl if it’s alright, Let’s go somewhere and get it on tonight."

Get It On Tonight | Montell Jordan [official music video]
Day 17 - A Song That Makes You Want To Dance

Explanation: Dance = this song, of course. lol 

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If I could steal one final glance One final step, one final dance with him I’d play a song that would never, ever end.

Dance With My Father | Luther Vandross
Day 16 - A Song That Has Made You Cry

Explanation: Yesterday, I had heard news about my Grandfathers brother passing away, pretty much sad news for all of us. What’s worst, one of his daughters just came here for vacation.. now less than a week of being here, she’s gonna go back to home next week. Heard this song playing on the radio earlier, and I couldn’t help but to tear up a little. RIP Lolo, you will be missed. 

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Notes: | Posted On: Fri Apr 15th, 2011 | Reblog

"Today I don’t feel like doing anything
I just wanna lay in my bed
Don’t feel like picking up my phone,
so leave a message at the tone"

The Lazy Song | Bruno Mars [official music video]
Day 15 - A Song You Love Singing Along To

Explanation: Lately, I’ve been singing/humming this song.. because just about everyday, I feel pretty lazy. Working 6 days just drains the shit out of me.. I then came to realize that I have had 5 days off in the past 45 days. -_

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