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Shai. Tyrese. Boyz II Men. Mary J. Blije. Jagged Edge. Dru Hill. Soul For Real. Tevin Campbell. Blackstreet. Babyface. Toni Braxton. Deborah. Janet Jackson. Jon B. KCI & Jojo. Brandy. Faith Evans. En Vogue. Xscape. Kelly Price. Changing Faces. Jodeci. Ginuwine. LSG. SWV. Joe.

The above are some of the reasons I just cannot move on to today’s music.  I know, I know but I am totally stuck and still swooning over 90’s R&B. Music made for my soul maaaan!

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This is the sexiest version of the song “Downtown” by SWV. It’s so good, I only listen to this one.

I agree x100! Even tho I posted this song before, doesn’t hurt to reblog it again! :)
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Janet Jackson receiving the 1994 MTV Movie Award for Best Female Performance in Poetic Justice

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R&B Songs from Animated Movies (Disney/Pixar/etc..) - YouTube

Updating my youtube account, when I realized I have a lot of “private playlists”, lol. Oops! Well, here’s one I created a while back titled “R&B Songs from Animated Movies”. What are your favorites?

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Monie Love, MC Lyte & TLC

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Hi-Five - Just Can’t Handle It
Album: Hi-Five
Year: 1990

As I sit here, finishing up watching Hi-Five’s Unsung episode [watch full episode here] I still can’t believe how many group changes and tragedies this group went through! Damn…

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Don’t forget to like Ultimate TLC on facebook!

Awesome photo edit..

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this mix (Y)

Another one of those 90s R&B Mixes. There’s always room for these.. lol

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Aaliyah - Are You Ready? From the “Sunset Park” soundtrack, another of my overlooked favorites of hers!!

I remember listening to this in the spring of 1996. Aaliyah, had just taken a 2 year break from her first album, so indeed she was coming back again lool. Wow, I remember bumping this song so much cause it was just so perfect for the summer.

Happy Sunday, enjoy the coolness of this classic song!

So smooooth!! Seriously, a slept on Aaliyah track! The film & soundtrack wasn’t bad either!

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