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Sunday Night Sex Jam of the Week
August 10, 2014: Johnny P - Let Me Love You

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Whitney Houston | All The Man I Need (1990)

"All The Man I Need" was released from Houston’s album, I’m Your Baby Tonight. The single became Houston’s ninth no. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. 

Happy Birthday to a Legend. 

One of my favorite ballads of hers.

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Dru Hill - So Special
Album: Dru Hill
Year: 1996

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This dance goes with everything

Why is this the truth?

But why was I jammin to each song though ?!


I swear I didnt want it to end

LOL! It really does!!

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Another Level | Blackstreet | 1996

Listening to Blackstreet on this Throwback Thursday. Classic album!

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TLC | Let’s Do It Again

(c) LaFace, Arista Records (1994)

You sweet young thang you
Whatever you do Lord knows you do it nice and easy
You keep it nice and long
You sexy thang you
Whatever it is you want from me you know I’ll satisfy
Just keep the love at home
You give me pleasure
Unlike any pleasure that I’ve felt or ever seen
I can’t get enough of you in me
You know I treasure
Each and every waking moment that you spend with me
I’m in ecstasy

Let’s do it again
'Cause I love to make sweet love to you baby
Let’s do it again
I wanna go all night long

You precious thang you
I love what you do when you do
And you do it oh so special
I don’t see nothin’ wrong
With nothing ‘bout you
Whatever it is that makes you feel so very special
A baby please please keep it on
I so desire
Everything about you and I want you to be close to me
As close as close could ever be
Come light the fire
That waits for you and yearns for you that burns inside of me
Take me to ecstasy


Don’t stop please don’t stop please please don’t stop it
(don’t you don’t you don’t you don’t you stop it)
Don’t stop please don’t stop please please don’t stop it
(don’t you don’t you)
Just do it do it do it do it
Ooh ahh ooh ahh


Chilli’s voice on this track and on “Take Our Time”, sexy & seductive! 

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