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Question my fellow 90’s babies:

Did any of you realize how pervy songs like

Peaches and Cream by 112 was?


Too close by Next was?


Red Light Special by TLC?

or  even

Don’t Think I’m Not by Kandi?

Hearing the proper non radio edited versions of some of these songs may have traumatized me. I certainly did not realize what these lyrics meant at like age 7 when I was singing them lol.

^ TRUTH! lmfao!!

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Reblog if you’re a 90s a baby (87-93)

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A friend asked to borrow my iPod today to copy some of the 90s songs on there.
But I totally forgot about this playlist right here. OOPS!
Too bad there isn’t a password protect on iPod. *doh*
Hmm.. Valentine’s Day is approaching, I sure hope 9 months later there won’t be a “surprise” for them..
Making babies to 90s music. hahaha!! *shocked* 

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Give yourself a break from all the stress and click here!  

This grandma got moves better than me! Lol. 
Reblogged since she’s dancing to a 90s song. =P 

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The coworker texted me yesterday early morning,
"Don’t forget your iPod.."
(Because he recently bought speakers to make the time at work go faster)
Damn, I was out all morning, I got my my iPod.. but I forgot to take out a playlist.
Like what’s the big deal right, let them listen to my lame playlists right.
Oh so you think!
But you see, this playlist.. sorta started off as an inside joke, turned personal.
Of course, I "secretly named" it to some random letters numbers, so nobody could figure out what it means or stood for except me and this person. There was the current songs, Christmas songs, 80s-90s songs, hip/hop rap songs, then the playlist.

Of course mind you, our customers can probably hear our music if its on full blast, but it wasn’t. So I’m in the clear. I passed my iPod, he scrolled down to play the current playlist. Phew. Then started when it started to get slow, 9-1030pm the other coworker wanted to listen to something else and she changed it to that playlist. First song up, Aaliyah - One In A Million.

I know, that may not sound much of a 'secret playlist' now, but you’ll see…
The coworker then goes.. “Damn! Aaliyah? That’s the jam!” Of course it is, she’s ‘One In A Million’, lol. See what I did there? The next song plays, Keith Sweat - Nobody, that same coworker says.. “OHHHH! I haven’t heard this song in forever! Good song to fuck to.” I laughed cause he secretly guessed the theme of the playlist. But I just said, “Oh really?” And he’s like, hell yeahh… he went on to look through all the other songs on the playlist and that’s when he flat out told me…

"Jay, you a freak! All these songs are good songs to fuck your girlfriend to!”

I looked at him with a blank look and said “What?”
That’s when he said..

"Admit it, you fuck your girlfriend to this playlist, right!"

That gives me motivation to make a BedroomSexMix. 
Lol. Just kidding….

I’m no DJ.

However, I did make a short one earlier this year…
[click here to listen]

Take a glimpse at some of the songs on the playlist [here].
I guess now you know why there’s a Sunday Night Sex Jam every week. lol 

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Mary J. Blige - Not Gon’ Cry
Album: Share My World/Waiting To Exhale Soundtrack
Year: 1996/97 

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Samuelle - So You Like What You See
Album: Living Black In Paradise
Year: 1990 

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Bell Biv DeVoe - Poison (1990)

CSR 103.9, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Lol, always had this station on whenever I played the game. 

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Portrait - Here We Go Again
Album: Portrait
Year: 1992 

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Mint Condition - Breakin’ My Heart, Pretty Brown Eyes