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found 1997 this morning.


Both albums contain 12 tracks and both albums have been raped with the repeat button! No skipping tracks here!

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Kevon Edmonds - No Love (I’m Not Used To)
Album: 24/7
Year: 1999

I can’t remember if I posted this or not, but I popped the Kevon Edmonds album in my CD player and began jamming to it…

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After 7 - Can’t Stop
Album: After 7
Year: 1990

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Sunday Night Sex Jam of the Week
December 23, 2012: After 7 - Gonna Love You Right 

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After 7 - Can He Love You Like This
Album: Taking My Time
Year: 1992 

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After 7 - Heat Of The Moment
Album: After 7
Year: 1989/90

Stay tuned. Massive New Jack Swing video posts.. cause I feel I haven’t posted those in a long time… 

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Kevon Edmonds - Move It Slow
Album: Save The Last Dance Soundtrack
Year: 2000

I’ve posted part of the lyrics in an old Song Challenge but never the song, gotta love Kevon’s voice. hahaha! No homo. 

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After 7 - Baby I’m For Real
Album: Takin’ My Time
Year: 1992

Co-written by Marvin Gaye and sung by the group “The Originals”. Since this is a 90s tumblr, I posted the 90s version. =P

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After 7 - Til You Do Me Right
Album: Reflections 
Year: 1995

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After 7 - Damn Thing Called Love
Album: Reflections
Year: 1995