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Amerie - 1 Thing
Album: Touch & Hitch Soundtrack
Year: 2005

For nearly 3 weeks, I burred myself into a game called “Grand Theft Auto V”. Everytime this song played on the radio, I could imagine this video…. I mean damn, how can you not?! She’s gorgeous! 

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Amerie - One Thing (Blacksoul Remix)

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Amerie - That’s What U R
Album: Because I Love It
Year: 2007 

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Mary J. Blige - Everything
Album: Share My World
Year: 1997

Is it just me, or the video reminds me of LL Cool J & Amerie’s song “Paradise”?! 

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Amerie - Talkin’ To Me
Album: All I Have
Year: 2002

I don’t normally listen to female r&b artists, maybe just Aaliyah (and Tamia). But I love anything by Amerie. :) 

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Amerie, my favorite next to the late & great Aaliyah.

(via fuckyeahanimatedgif)

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LL Cool J ft Amerie - Paradise
Album: 10
Year: 2002

I love this song, I guess cause the video showcases two beautiful women of that time, Amerie & Gabrielle Union. :)