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Hi-Five - She’s Playing Hard To Get
Album: Keep It Goin’ On
Year: 1992

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Hi-Five - I Can’t Wait Another Minute
Album: Hi-Five 
Year: 1991

This was one of my favorite songs in the early 90s! And, I don’t have this posted on my tumblr…. yet?! That surprises me! How does that happen?!

Got a song request?

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"… and when you get next to me
you make my heart beat fast
you throw me back when you smile.."

I Like The Way {The Kissing Game) | Hi-Five
Watch video [here]
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Hi-Five - Unconditional Love
Album: Faithful/Menace II Society Soundtrack
Year: 1993 

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Hi-Five - Never Should Have Let You Go
Album: Faithful & Sister Act 2 Soundtrack
Year: 1993 

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Hi-Five - Quality Time
Album: Keep It Goin’ On
Year: 1992 

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Hi-Five - I Like The Way (The Kissing Game) 
Album: Hi-Five
Year: 1991

Today at work, I kept singing/humming this song. lol
Customers we’re starting to give me weird looks. haha. Kidding.. 

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Tony Thompson - I Wanna Love Like That (1995)
The lead singer of the group Hi-Five, Tony’s solo album “Sexsational” was released in 1995. 

 You wouldn’t even have to wonder
You would be my only lover
I wouldn’t even breathe if there’s no you…