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Tendai 90s r&b Slow Jams Mix!!

What I’m currently listening to!!!!

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Keith Sweat

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Keith Sweat | I’ll Give All My Love To You (Love Mix)

I never heard this mix before!

Back when “burning cds” were popular, I created several 90s r&b playlist for friends make for me.. they would never download the right version of “I’ll Give My Love To You” right, I would get stuck with this. 

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Sunday Night Sex Jam of the Week
December 22, 2013: Keith Sweat - Make You Say Ooh

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girl talk - mix of my favorite older r&b tracks 

listen here

01. girl talk by tlc 02. the boy is mine (darkchild remix) by brandy 03. don’t let go (love) by en vogue 04. twisted (sexual healing remix) by keith sweat 05. i don’t wanna know by mario winan & p.diddy 06. always on my mind by brandy 07. return of the mack by mark morrison 08. officially missing you by tamia 09. i’ll be missing you by p.diddy & faith evans 

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"Let me when get your sheets wet listening to Keith Sweat."

Twista | Slow Jamz
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Sunday Night Sex Jam of the Week
September 29, 2013: Keith Sweat ft Silk - Give Me What I Want

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What I’m currently listening to.

This whole album. Beginning to end. KNOCKS!

Oooh. This was the song!! ;)

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Silk - Baby Check Your Friend
Album: Tonight
Year: 1999

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80s Flashback Friday
Atlantic Starr - Am I Dreaming
Album: Radiant
Year: 1981