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10 Songs Blog Friday New Jack Tracks: Kickin’ Out The Jamz


You always hear the same like 2 new jack swing songs (what else is new oldies radio and clubs) so I thought I’d get past that a little for your Friday fun tracks.Get your swing on, get your swing on…

Johnny Kemp - Just Got Paid

Karyn White - The Way You Love Me

Shanice - I Love Your Smile

TLC - Ain’t 2 Proud 2 Beg

Eternal - Stay

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Shanice - When I Close My Eyes
Album: Shanice
Year: 1999

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VH1’s 40 Greatest R&B Songs of the 90s (Part 1)

Earlier today I was watching this on VH1, I thought to myself.
It’s about time they did a set on this! I can’t say I agree/disagree with the list..
I mean come on, it’s VH1, they tend ehhhh… be not so great songs with their choices.

40. Bobby Brown | Humpin’ Around
39. En Vogue | Hold On
38. Jade | Don’t Walk Away
37. Shanice | I Love Your Smile
36. Boyz II Men | Motownphilly
35. Keith Sweat | Twisted
34. Aaron Hall | I Miss You
33. 702 | Where My Girls At?
32. Johnny Gill | Rub You The Right Way
31. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony | Tha Crossroads

*Part 1 of A 4 part post. Clicking on song goes directly to the music video in a new window.

What are your thoughts on VH1’s choices? 
What are your top 5 r&b songs from the 90s?
Send your questions and/or list in my ask: 

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Shanice ft Johnny Gill - Silent Prayer
Album: Inner Child
Year: 1991

It took me til the end of the 90s era to figure who sang this song. Only because it was such an under rated song that didn’t haven much airplay.

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Sunday Night Sex Jam of the Week
December 18, 2011: Shanice - Turn Down The Lights 

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Jon Secada & Shanice - If I Never Knew You
Album: Pocahontas Soundtrack
Year: 1995

To prove my point that Disney had some share of good r&b songs in their soundtracks in the 90s. Disney songs are just to pop-ish now days. -_- Don’t even get me started on the remake of this song sung by The Cheetah Girls. FYI, it SUCKS.. but that’s my opinion. :)

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Shanice - It’s For You
Album: Meteor Man Soundtrack
Year: 1993 

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Shanice - I Love Your Smile
Album: Inner Child
Year: 1991

She was prollie talking about my smile, lol… kidding.
But I have some people say my smile is awesome. =D <— not that smile, my real one. 

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Shanice - Saving Forever For You
Album: Beverly Hills 90210
Year: 1992 

Her voice reminds me of Tracie Spencer for some reason…