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Hard Copy VS Digital Copy

I am a huge music fan (R&B of course.. but you already knew that!), just like every other person. While growing up I had cassette tapes playing on my Sony Walkman (not vinyl records.. I ain’t THAT old! lol) poppin’ the eject button rewinding it with a pencil. That’s wassup! As time passed, technology was growing.. from there came CDs. Now this decade brings us digital downloads where you can go to iTunes, Napster, Amazon, etc…

Anyway, I hit up my local used DVD/CDs store looking for a quick pickups. This lady, a customer was browsing around CDs, I was looking at the DVDs at first then followed with the CDs. To my surprised she looked at me weird and said, “You kids still buy CDs? You should get them from iTunes, these are some pretty old CDs they have here.” lol. I just looked at her like *uhh.. okay.. I guess?* Puzzled look. So which brings me to the question.. Digital download vs hard copy.

You see, when I was a pre-teen/teen, I owned a handful of albums.. I would over play the shiit out of them you wouldn’t believe! The album cover & inner sleeve contained photos, lyrics, thank yous, extra stuffs like that. Believe it or not, if those albums had lyrics, I would copy them to a composition book if not, play & pause listening to those songs. I guess that sorta helped with my perfectly ugly handwriting I have now. lol :) That was before I had discovered about lyrics sites where they have the lyrics already there. I read about who produced, wrote/co-wrote the song, etc.. all those things from a hard copy’s inner sleeve. CDs can be backed up onto my computer as much times as I wanted to, if my computer crashed.. at least I had the CD.

Digital downloads/copies. I admit they have a huge library of music that I can type up and locate whenever I want. Even albums that are hard to find or even out of print! Awesome right! Yeah, I would say so.. I have bought several digital copies myself, but then there’s the truth = DRM (Digital Rights Management), which puts a limited lock if you burn it one too many times those restrictions. I’m not much of notice of sound kinda guy, but I know the quality in digital download sounds much different to an album. Then there’s “bonus tracks” you can download where an orginal album won’t have. Plus “older” albums, they’re not slapped with all this DRM stuff, so I can copy it whenever I please and leave the hard copy for safe keeping. Sure digital copies are way cheaper than hard copies, especially if you just want one song. While that’s fine with most people now, back when “music was real” artists actually came out with GREAT music it made people want to purchase their entire album. 

So I guess you know my obvious answer to this question.
Sorry for the long post/rant, that lady just made me think for a bit. lol
What’s you’re take on this digital download/copy VS hard copy media? Which do you prefer?

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Some pick ups today. Only one person I know who would know all about this, but I don’t know her anymore.

Oh shit! Innerlude, “I Don’t Wanna Go On” brings back some memories. I have the DNH album, but it’s on my external hard drive, I actually want the “hard copy”.

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Buying $1 albums at the used CD/DVD store. :) Some of today’s pickups. 
I just realized there’s a group called N II U (1994) & N2U (2004).
When I have the time and money, I’m gonna raid the $3 section. =]
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Best interlude in any r&b album, track number 12! 
Chilli’s such a troll! lol! :)

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