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The '90s Female R&B Group Pyramid of Excellence

Remember last month when I posted's 90s R&B Male Group Pyramid of Excellence? [click here] Well, it’s back… with the female version! Agree or disagree? 

Note: ** If you’re wondering why “Ashanti” is on there when you may think she’s a solo artist, then you must either be young, or don’t remember there was really an actually group called “Ashanti”, maybe I’ll post a song for Sunday Night Sex Jam! =P

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Favourite R&B girl groups! 702 x En Vogue Xscape X Destiny’s Child X 3LW X TLC X SWV X ISYSS X Blaque

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SWV - Use Your Heart
Album: New Beginning
Year: 1996

Gotta love Taj & Coko on this track, they did they’re thing! =)

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Jade - Don’t Walk Away
Album: Jade To The Max
Year: 1993


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Zhane - Hey Mr Dj
Album: Pronounced Jah-Nay
Year: 1993

Wow! I used to hear this song allllllllllll the time on my radio station during this year, it would always be on the Hot 9 at 9. (the top 9 songs of the day, playing at 9’oclock p.m) haha. 

Last of my 90s female group videos for awhile, overkilled it a bit the past 2 days! =P 

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Allure - Last Chance
Album: Allure
Year: 1997

I never knew they did a music video for this, and although this album was the only album I’ve heard from them, I’m glad Mariah Carey put them on the map. Too bad they released a couple more albums, but they barely surfaced for me to notice.  

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[edited] My finished list of favorite songs from female group..

^ Click above to see list.
Up next on the favorite list, 90s Male Singers..
Now that one should be difficult. Tough choices out there..