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R&B Songs from Animated Movies (Disney/Pixar/etc..) - YouTube

Updating my youtube account, when I realized I have a lot of “private playlists”, lol. Oops! Well, here’s one I created a while back titled “R&B Songs from Animated Movies”. What are your favorites?

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I know, it’s just 4 days away from Christmas. But I just had to make another Christmas playlist. I felt like making 15, because “12” was getting too predictable. lol =P 

R&B Christmas 2013 Youtube Playlist [click image or here to to listen

Also, if you haven’t already checked out the previous years…
» R&B Christmas 2011 Youtube Playlist
» R&B Christmas 2012 Youtube Playlist

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Christmas Interpretations | Boyz II Men | 1993

One of the best underrated R&B Christmas album! Maybe I should cop me the album from eBay. lol Stay tuned…. R&B Christmas 2013 Playlist coming up soon.. better later than never. =P

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Allure ft Nas - Head Over Heels
Album: Allure
Year: 1997

One of my favorite r&b hip hop collaboration, check out more of my favorites on my youtube playlist [here].

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R&B 25 Days of Christmas — 2012 Edition

It’s another r&b Christmas playlist compiled by me! Enjoy!

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R&B 25 Days of Christmas — 2011 Edition

Decided to put the songs last year into a Youtube playlist.
Much easier that way, lol. A 2012 Edition coming soon.. just as soon as I decide what songs to put. =P 

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OMG! Looks like Youtube didn’t delete this video after all! haha!

3 years ago, I experimented with video editing using the lame Windows Movie Maker program and created this. lol Never again! (There was never a part 2 or 3… etc..)

In case you’re wondering.. songs used;
TLC - Red Light Special
Usher - Nice & Slow
112 - Anywhere
Avant - Making Good Love
Marc Nelson - 15 Minutes
Silk - More
T-Pain - Say It
Ready For The World - Love You Down
Janet Jackson - Anytime Anyplace 
Joe - Love Scene
Pretty Ricky - Slow Grind 
Jodeci - Freak’n You
Pretty Ricky - Love Like Hony
Profyle - Feelin This
Keith Sweat - Nobody
Silk - Freak Me
JS - Ice Cream
Next - Butta Love
Ginuwine - Tell Me Do You Wanna
Blackstreet - Deep
Omarion - O
Christina Milian ft Fabolous - Dip It Low 


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14 Songs to say ‘I Heart You’ on Valentine’s Day.

R&B Edition - Part II; 80s-2000s era.
Yes.. Part II because Part I was done back in 2010 on my personal tumblr. This time around I choose r&b songs that include the words "love". Make things easier cause I was rushing! lol All videos open in a new window.

01: Tonight I Celebrate My Love For You - Peabo Bryson & Roberta Flack | 1983
02: I Just Called To Say I Love You - Stevie Wonder | 1984
03: Tender Love - Force MD’s | 1985
04: Love Is - Vanessa Williams & Brian McKnight | 1993
05: Honey Love - R. Kelly | 1993
06: Falling In Love Again - Blackstreet | 1994
07: Why I Love You So Much - Monica | 1995
08: Love U 4 Life - Jodeci | 1995
09: All My Love - Art N Soul | 1996 
10: My Love Is Your Love - Whitney Houston | 1998 
11: Sweet Love - 112 | 2001
12: I Love You - Dru Hill | 2002
13: Love Calls - KEM | 2003
14: Let Me Love You - Mario | 2004

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A friend asked to borrow my iPod today to copy some of the 90s songs on there.
But I totally forgot about this playlist right here. OOPS!
Too bad there isn’t a password protect on iPod. *doh*
Hmm.. Valentine’s Day is approaching, I sure hope 9 months later there won’t be a “surprise” for them..
Making babies to 90s music. hahaha!! *shocked* 

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Sunday Night Sex Jam of the Week — Christmas Day Special
December 25, 2011: H-Town - Knocking The Boots For Christmas (An added extra bonus Christmas Song)