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3T - Waiting For Love
Album: Men In Black Soundtrack
Year: 1997

Why is this song so underrated?!

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R. Kelly ft Nokio & Jaz-Ming - Use To Me Spending
Album: In Too Deep Soundtrack
Year: 1999

In the middle of transferring a bunch of music files on my desktop to my external hard drive, I decided to listen to some tracks on the folder. I totally forgot about this song! Classic R. Kelly!

Sampled Notorious B.I.G’s song “F*ck You Tonight”, with who else… R. Kelly! [click here to listen

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Mya ft Raekwon & Noreaga - Movin’ On (University Mix)
Watch the version with Silkk The Shocker [here]

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Aaliyah | Are You That Somebody

(Source: onlyaaliyah)

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Fabolous ft Jagged Edge & P. Diddy - Trade It All (Part 2)
Album: Street Dreams & Barbershop Soundtrack
Year: 2002/2003

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Maxwell - Fortunate

Perfect kinda song to listen today on a Friday night just chillin…

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Beyonce - Daddy
Album: Dangerously In Love & Daddy’s Little Girl Soundtrack
Year: 2003

Happy Father’s Day…

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Zapp & Roger - I Wanna Be Your Man
Album: Unlimited! & Love & Basketball Soundtrack
Year: 1987 & 2000

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Lil’ Kim & Mona Lisa “Time To Shine (Remix)” [from the soundtrack to Don’t Be A Menace In South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood (1996)]

most people haven’t heard this song/seen this video. 

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Allure - When The Shades Go Down
Album: The Best Man Soundtrack
Year: 1999

Just got done watching this movie, I remembered how good this song is!