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Devin - I Want To Kiss You
Album: Big Mommas House
Year: 2000

Been on vacation for 2 weeks, while it may seem grand and all. When I have time to watch tv, 4 of the channels I have are all in a language I’m not used to.

Sadly, I gotta stick to my DVDs on repeat to keep me sane. I was watching this movie earlier and I told a friend a certain song off this soundtrack was stuck on my mind. Oh yes, I won’t tell the song directly to you, but I’ll blast it on my tumblr!! lmao! =P

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Mary J. Blige - Power Back
Album: Think Like A Man Too Soundtrack
Year: 2014

”The more you do that BS, the more I keep it real..”

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Pras Michel feat. ODB, MYAGhetto Supastar (That Is What You Are)

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I was going through my IG photos and I stumbled upon this… uhh.. so why was 90’s was a great decade for R&B music?! Here’s some of the reasons why….

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my favoirte fucking song

Hold on tight & don’t let go

Baby I’m about to explode

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Maxwell - Let’s Not Play The Game
Album: The Best Man Soundtrack
Year: 1999